Custom Bunk Bed Designs

Bunk Room Images & Idea Gallery Bunk beds are a common addition to any Grand Lake home. But what if you want to do something different, or special with your bunk room? Well, check out these incredible bunk rooms. Maybe you can add one of these custom bunk room ideas to your South Shore at […]

Winter Maintenance for your Lake Home

Making sure your lake home is ready for the bitter cold of winter can be beneficial all year round. There’s nothing worse than showing up to your dream getaway at Grand Lake to find that your pipes have burst and you’ve got a mess on your hands. Take the time to run through a few […]

Best Time of Year to Buy A Lake House

Whether you’re looking for the perfect summer getaway or want to live near Grand Lake all year long, buying a lake home is probably something you’ve been wanting to do for a while — and have possibly been saving up for. Here’s the best time of year to start house hunting if you’re looking to […]

Lake Home Security and Safety Checklist

  The purchase of home security systems is on the rise, and they’re becoming more and more sophisticated. But security experts will tell you that you can’t simply rely on the technology to protect you and your home. By following some simple steps on a home security and safety checklist, you can gain better control. […]

Lake Home Landscaping tips

A buyer’s impression starts with lake home’s curb appeal. What better way to make a great first impression that with great landscaping? Improving your landscaping can add as much as 28% to your home’s value. Even if you have good landscaping, an upgrade can still boost your resale value anywhere from 5 to 8 percent, […]

Get the beach look in your lake home

You don’t have to live in an oceanfront cottage to treat yourself to the experience. The beach is a calming place, with its soft sand under your feet, the relaxing sound of waves rushing to the shore, and sunshine beaming down on your face. You’ve traded in a seaside view for a lakeside view, here […]