How to Move in to Your New Grand Lake Home

Moving is a stressful time. You are always surprised by how much stuff you have—and then handle the transport to and unloading in your new Grand Lake Home. You take care to protect your precious possessions from all the threats of being shifted, lifted, and jostled. How do you protect them during the last leg of the […]

How to make your Grand Lake home cozy

Your new lake home is your haven. It should welcome you every time you walk in the door. To do that, you need to make your home cozy. Yes, in real estate speak, cozy usually signifies “small”, but we’re talking ambience here, not size. You don’t need to completely redecorate to make your home cozy. […]

7 Bathroom Upgrades to Consider

Bathrooms have seen a dramatic shift, thanks to technological advances in home design. What used to be an afterthought, with a sink, toilet, tub and/or showering has evolved into a more thoughtful space. It has grown from purely functional to aesthetically pleasing and pleasingly pampering. If you’re ready to take a fresh look at your […]

Window Treatments for Your Grand Lake Home

Windows shed light on the interior as well as provide a view of the peaceful Grand Lake waters. That’s the function, but what about the flair? How do you choose window treatments for your home? From protecting your privacy to blocking out the hot rays of the sun to adding color and style to a room, window […]